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Functions, features, and benefits
of the DaCdb system to:
What is the DaCdb System?
The DaCdb was developed to assist directors and clubs to meet their administrative reporting requirements to Rotary International, and for faster easier communications within the district for the district leadership, district committees, club leadership, and of course the members of Rotary Clubs. Thus, we have developed a system that easily addresses all of these function, with a high level of security to assure privacy of all the data collected and maintained by the DaCdb. The DaCdb system is an on-line, web-based system that provides access to the current information anywhere, and at anytime you can access the internet.

So, here are the functions, features, and benefits of the DaCdb system, arranged from the Rotarian member to club secretary and finally the district “views” of the DaCdb.

Rotarian / Member Benefits
Each Rotarian/member may access their own data and make changes to the fields in their record such as:
  • Nickname / Badge Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number(s)
  • E-mail Address(es)
  • Submit/Change Photo
  • Classification
  • Business position and other business information
  • Rotary Recognitions (i.e. Paul Harris Fellow, Sustaining Member, Past Club President, PDG, etc.)
  • General Information / Comments (i.e. College, family, hobbies, etc.)
In addition, the Rotarian member may request and then view or print a Club Membership Directory, which lists all members of THEIR club, with Contact and Email data and a member’s photo (if submitted). This feature is great for new members of a large club, since it gives them a club roster (with photos) in a couple of mouse clicks.

Additionally, the Rotarian member can view the “Meeting Times and Locations” of other clubs for “make-ups”, or just to attend an interesting program (via the club’s calendar of Events and Programs). Also, the Rotarian member can view the district leadership and district committees (with their contact information). Although the system is “user-friendly, and somewhat intuitive”, there is a comprehensive set of “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers” section, as well as a series of “how to” interactive training videos for most functions to assist the user. Once a “member change” is submitted to the DaCdb, it is also automatically forwarded to the RI database (if it is a field that RI maintains in its database). We believe the Rotarian member “knows” their own data BEST, so please encourage them to update their own record.

Club Secretary Features
The Club Secretary can maintain any member’s record within their club, as well as ADD new members and DELETE members who have dropped out of Rotary. And, once any ADD, CHANGE, or DELETE is submitted to the DaCdb, it is also automatically forwarded to the RI database. In addition the Club Secretary has three (3) other RI REQUIRED administrative functions that the DaCdb addresses:
  • reporting monthly attendance
  • updating their Club’s data
  • reconciling the Semi-Annual Report (SAR).
The DaCdb greatly assists the Club Secretary in submitting their monthly Attendance Report to the district (which is then compiled and forwarded to Rotary International by the district governor). The DaCdb system automatically sends out “reminder messages” to all clubs that have NOT reported their attendance for the prior month. These reminder messages are sent out on the 1st, 8th, and 15th of the new month. It is our belief that this email message helps greatly since the Club Secretary can sign onto the DaCdb, and then enter the three (3) required fields in less than one (1) minute.

Once secretaries have submitted their monthly attendance data, it is recorded in the system, and instantly updates the district’s monthly attendance report, and they will not receive any more “reminder messages” from the system until  the next month’s attendance is due. The district secretary and district governor now has instant access to the latest Monthly Attendance Reporting, which also includes YTD membership growth (or loss) by club.

Also, the DaCdb system greatly assists the Club Secretary in maintaining their Club’s data. The club secretary can update the “Meeting Times and Location” for their club at anytime; and using the DaCdb system, this is extremely easy and important. Any updates to “club data” are immediately sent to RI, and displayed on the “Meeting Times and Locations” web page, so other clubs and Rotarians will have the latest information when planning a “make-up” meeting. Also, there are field for DIRECTIONS to your meeting location (very helpful) and a “CLUB DESCRIPTION”, which is a great “marketing tool” to sell your club to prospective members.

Then, twice a year, the Club Secretary must reconcile the SAR, making “changes” to the report, adding or subtracting members, plus changes to member records. This process is greatly simplified, once your district begins using the DaCdb system. Thus, this reconciliation process is GREATLY reduced by having current data on the SAR. And the Club Secretaries really appreciate this feature and benefit of using DaCdb system: virtually NO manual reconciliation is required since the data that RI uses to generate the SAR is current!

In addition to the above “RI required” administrative tasks, the DaCdb system has these additional functions and features in just a couple of mouse clicks:
  • ability to print or view the Club Membership Directory (see Member benefits above for more information on this feature); print Mailing Labels,
  • send Email to all club members or club committee members,
  • print Name Badges (and spouses) for any event;
  • assign club leadership positions (President, Secretary, President-elect, Secretary-elect, etc.) that are immediately reflected on their club’s web page (every club gets an internally generated web page).
The club can use the “committees” function to set up club committees with “job descriptions”, and then staff them with club members (and designate the chair). Also, clubs can have their “own externally named” web site (e.g. www.warrentonrotary.org), and use it instead of the internally generated web page. And they can still use all club related transactions from the DaCdb system to populate many of their data di plays (thus reducing duplication efforts). And finally, the clubs can use the DaCdb system to publish and distribute via on-line their club bulletin, and maintain their club calendar. The club calendar is a very powerful communications tool for the club and its members, as well as informing other clubs and the district of their club’s events, fund raisers, and weekly programs.

District Leadership Benefits
The district uses the DaCdb system to communicate with its clubs leadership (presidents, secretaries, etc.), district committees, and all members of Rotary in their district that have an email address. The district builds and maintains the current leadership information on each club and district committee.

In addition, the district leadership is the recipient of the “maintenance” done by members and clubs to their data records. However, the district level people can make any updates to member and club information, as necessary (and the club secretary receives and email notification of every change forwarded to RI). The district also uses the District Calendar functions to post all district Events & Meetings, Reminders, and of course the Governor’s Official Visit schedule. And, the district governor’s monthly newsletter can be stored and archived for easy access by all members within the district; and a simple email announcement can be sent to ALL members in the district letting them know that the latest issue is ready.

The district governor (and assistant governors) can view (and/or print) a club’s membership roster, just prior to calling on that club. And in addition to having this “memory jogger” information for the governor, it is often helpful that the DIRECTIONS to the meeting are location are on the same printout, along with all of the club’s leadership, 100% Paul Harris, or 100” Sustaining Member club information. Also the District can use the DaCdb system in other areas, such as registration and name badges for events (assembly, district conference, RYLA, etc.) or keeping track of alumni. And, there is a reporting function for PETS contact registration, which is extrememly helpful to those district with “multidistrict” PETS. All of these functions are easily handled by the DaCdb system.

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